Our work shop Supra Progress

As you can see below even work shop projects take allot of time when cash flow is slow

Update 2/02/16 Forged short block arrived
Update 28/03/16 Second hand head arrived
Update 10/04/16 Turbo and manifold arrived
Update 18/04/16 Waste-gate arrived
Update 10/05/16 Intercooler arrived
Update 10/06/16 Made custom 3 1/2″ exhaust system (We have a exhaust pipe expander that goes up to 3 1/2″)
Update 20/07/16 Intake manifold arived
Update 21/01/17 Link G4+ Thunder turned up (This ECU is fully featured, Can’t wait to have traction control)
Update 19/03/17 Fuel pressure regulator arrived
Update 12/04/17 Gate’s racing cam belt kit arrived
Update 8/09/17 CDI ignition system turned up for the Supra
Update 2/10/17 Fuel pumps arrived for Supra
Update 25/11/17 Today i paid for the New diff for the Supra, It’s a B03B with a TRD center, Yes that’s the Supra big diff, Will add a photo when it turns up
Update 22/01/18 1600cc bosch motorsport injectors arrived
Update Billet Cam-belt tensioner arrived
Update 14/03/18 Clutch arrived
Update:18/04/18 Supra sent off for panel and paint.
Update:25/05/18 The axle arrived today. So I can fit it when the car is back from panel and paint.

Update 25/06/18 buy paint for Supra (paint sample not to give too much away)

Supra paint sample

Update 25/06/18 Order NZEFI Link G4+ looms A & B (C & D are only plugs)

Update 26/06/18 Quote for Custom build of TH400 Transmission (Will be saving)

Update 27/06/18 Order parts from USA for TH400 Transmission conversion.



Yes I know how project can take some time to get all the parts together when you don’t have an open budget. Most of us are in this league.



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