Our work shop Supra Progress

As you can see below even work shop projects take allot of time when cash flow is slow

Update 2/02/16 Forged short block arrived
Update 28/03/16 Second hand head arrived
Update 10/04/16 Turbo and manifold arrived
Update 18/04/16 Waste-gate arrived
Update 10/05/16 Intercooler arrived
Update 10/06/16 Made custom 3 1/2″ exhaust system (We have a exhaust pipe expander that goes up to 3 1/2″)
Update 20/07/16 Intake manifold arived
Update 21/01/17 Link G4+ Thunder turned up (This ECU is fully featured, Can’t wait to have traction control)
Update 19/03/17 Fuel pressure regulator arrived
Update 12/04/17 Gate’s racing cam belt kit arrived
Update 8/09/17 CDI ignition system turned up for the Supra
Update 2/10/17 Fuel pumps arrived for Supra
Update 25/11/17 Today i paid for the New diff for the Supra, It’s a B03B with a TRD center, Yes that’s the Supra big diff, Will add a photo when it turns up
Update 22/01/18 1600cc bosch motorsport injectors arrived
Update Billet Cam-belt tensioner arrived
Update 14/03/18 Clutch arrived (Going TH400 so sold clutch)
Update:18/04/18 Supra sent off for panel and paint.
Update:25/05/18 The axle arrived today. So I can fit it when the car is back from panel and paint.

Update 25/06/18 buy paint for Supra (paint sample not to give too much away)

Supra paint sample

Update 25/06/18 Order NZEFI Link G4+ looms A & B (C & D are only plugs)

Update 26/06/18 Quote for Custom build of TH400 Transmission (Will be saving)

Update 27/06/18 Order parts from USA for TH400 Transmission conversion.

20/07/18 Adapter for TH400 Bell housing arrived, also mount adapter

2/08/18 First photo’s coming from the panel beater, Looking good


18/08/18 Custom TH400 and Custom billet torque converter ordered from the USA



26/09/18, latest photo


12/10/18 Time to get her out of the shed and bring her into work for the mechanical work


Ok work has been happening but dates not recorded well

Found out the second hand head that i bought was cracked beyond economic repair november 18

Th400 turned up. December 18

Trans blanket arived January 19

Transmission shifter brought February 19

Found torque converter not modified to suit 2jz setup.

Sent for modification came back march 19

April 19 started the assembly of the engine external parts. Lots of shiny new bits.

May 19 started porting of head

July 19 Custom drive shaft made.

August 19 fitting abs hubs to front

November 19 fitted upgraded brakes




Update soon

Yes I know how project can take some time to get all the parts together when you don’t have an open budget. Most of us are in this league.Saving for the next upgrade

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