Summer specials

Link G4+ G4-X plugin tuning from $900
Nistune Tuning from $900
Apexi power FC tuning from $900
Subaru,Mitsubishi,Mazda custom ECU tuning from $900

Holden/Ford Tuning from $1350, I use HP tuners so allot of American cars and also covered.

European car OBD2 Tuning from $999

The only carbs I tune are Holley’s.Charged at

Asummer dyno time is $145 so get in quick and save.

Dyno power runs $125

Conditions apply

We are a LINK dealer and offer: supply fit and tuning services.
Plugin Links are the easiest and we sell and tune a lot.
We also wire Link’s
Please check my other listings

We can also wire in new sensors as required.

We are Aucklands Nistune dealer so most Nissan’s from 1986-2000 are covered

Subaru,Mitsubishi,Mazda custom ECU tuning

Euro OBD2 Tuning also available for many makes and models.
We don’t over inflate expected results so when we say 20kw gain it is a 20kw Gain.

Yes we also sort out unfinished project for people.

Yes we can fit intercoolers with custom alloy piping.

We can make turbo down pipe’s or full exhausts

We have a fully equipped workshop and i have been a mechanic for 30 years, so yes you can trust me to change your oil on your pride and joy.

Have you ever come back from a track day with brake vibration/pulsing, we can machine your brake’s on car for you with our procut 9.2 brake disc machine.

We take on a limited number of full engine builds or engine transplants, but yes we can help you

Due to the nature of our work we’re not always at the dyno shop or available on the phone. Your inquiry is very important to us. Use any of the contact options and we WILL respond ASAP! We’re happy for drop-in , however please get in touch first to make sure you’re not wasting a trip.

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