I started my apprenticeship in 1988 with a strong interest in performance.
This has led me to have a wide interest in varied cars makes and models
Through this time I’ve worked on E-type jags to triumph stags Datsun bluebirds (1960) to Nissan GTR’s, Chev Corvettes to a 502 cubic inch Cadillac(this was front wheel drive).
early on i found out first hand how useful a dyno can be in the process of extracting more power and economy.
With later model fuel injected cars coming in from japan i found that my interest was turning more & more to turbo charged vehicles.
With the introduction of wideband O2 & computerized control systems for Dyno’s my path was set even if i didn’t know it yet.
After working on cars being told stand over there by the tuner at there dyno shop & watch, it was time to buy my own dyno, the first was old with poor control but worked well,the second was also old but was slightly better.Lots of tuning was done but it took allot longer than i would have liked.
The holy grail was a four wheel dyno,one was found FOUR WHEEL DRIVE DYNO.

As the dyno side of the business has grown, I have become mainly a full time dyno tuner.

I still sort out issue’s of poor setups and wiring issue’s also wire in ECU’s, But engine building has taken a back seat, I still build a few.

As a fully qualified mechanic I also take care of all your service and repair needs on daily driven cars.