Link Wire in ECU’s Thunder

Link are actively updating the range so if one is not listed here, i still support it.

I’m not going to list all the options and spec’s but try to advise what you might need for your car.


Well you might have guessed it but this is what i have for my Supra.

It’s Link’s Big Daddy of an ECU. I love it it does just about everything so if your getting serious and you don’t want to compromised this is it, When your going rear wheel drive and traction is an issue always so use the factory sensor straight into the ECU and setup launch control and traction control, it has two built in wide bands it has more input and out puts than you probably will ever use or need but i like to monitor everything and control as much as possible so yes you can fill them up and use them.I only know of one person that ran out but he’s going to the extreme of what an aftermarket ECU can do.

I could not recommend the link Thunder to everyone as not everyone needs it. But if your want the best link has to offer and are like me and monitor everything and get the link to control everything, I even control my dash gauges from it.

I’m an AC/DC fan so just can’t help myself signing thunder,thunder

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