European engine and Transmission tuning

Most modern cars can have there ECU software file updated,giving you more power and better economy.

Stage 1, This is the safest and I’d recommend this for all cars, this will give you moderest gain.

Stage 2, this is where you have upgraded your cars intake air filter and fitted a higher flowing exhaust

Stage 3, this is when the intake Air filter,exhaust,Intercooler and dedicated to 98oct fuel

Stage 4, this is when the intake Air filter,exhaust,Intercooler,Turbo,fuel system upgrades, and fuel mixtures of E50+ or non leaded race fuel.

Pops and bang or crackles, This is very popular at the moment, it’s more for a bit of fun than power increase, this can be done either on it’s own or with Stage 1,2,3,4.

After modification DTC’s, some cars just keep coming up with a stubborn fault code, some DTC codes can be removed from the system, common code’s are after a catalytic converter removal.

European diesels, yes many can be tuned and they really do give great results, more power and economy

Other optional changes, Speed cut removal,MAF delete,RPM increase

Transmission control ECU tuning, this is commonly overlooked this is vital for the life of your transmission also changes how the transmission shift, giving you a sportier faster shifting transmission.

Just one of the many Mercede’s Supercharged, that I’ve upgraded, truly neck snapping performance