Link ECU Tuning,covid-19 special From $900 (Help me stay in business)

We believe in the Link G4+ and G4X product so much that we offer tuning from $900

Yes you read correctly From $900 tuning with link plugins.

In most cases without any issue’s we will have your car running perfectly after tuning but there maybe something that is not related to the tune that still will need to be sorted out. I will do my best to advise what that might be.

This includes Fuel setup and tuning of main fuel map also the Ignition map and one boost map.

We require the addition of an Intake Air Temperature sensor (IAT), We also require a Boost solenoid on turbo setups.Supplied in Link plugin kit from us.

One boost map is setup but you may need an XS loom for multiple tables’s

We also need an O2 bung in the correct place for the wide band, We can supply and fit.

This excludes E85 or Duel fuel setup or knock limiting maps.

This is not applicable to discounted Link ECU (I.E. when there having a sale)

Mechanical/Electrical issue’s can not be tuned around.

Other conditions apply

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ECU’s are locked with this deal