Dyno tuning

Performance enhancement to the humble automobile has been a passion for me from when i started driving in 1986, I started my apprenticeship in 1988.

Started were everyone does N/A cars with a big exhaust and an air filter, I have developed my skills over a 30 year period.

One of the main reasons i like tuning so much is it’s always developing.

Every aftermarket ECU is trying to give you the best for application.

We have a 4 wheel drive dyno

I support Link ECU’s as there New Zealand made and very good for most applications.

I and  Link Dealer and a Wolf dealer (Wolf have allot of plugins that link don’t)

Plugin ECU’s save allot of time and in turn that save you allot of money.

I offer free tuning of plugin links (up to four hours of tuning).

I also support Nistune, there a great company to deal with and support allot of the early Nissan’s