Link Wire in ECU’s Storm/Xtreme/Fury

Link are actively updating the range so if one is not listed here, i still support it.

I’m not going to list all the options and spec’s but try to advise what you might need for your car.


If your able to spend a little bit more on a Link than the Atom or Monsoon The storm is a great option. I rate this very highly and would say I’ve sold more storm wire in ECU’s than any other wire in. this will run a V8 sequentially and no need for wasted spark.You will be able to run your fan and boost control and idle control.The Storm will suit most setups and not limit many people. The old Link G4 storm is limited like the Atom/Monsoon.


This steps it up a notch and yes it’s well worth the extra you pay. But you will want to look at  everything in your current setup and see if you need the extra’s that the Xtreme does. Yes i’d recommended when your getting more serious into your car. This has been the choice for many a Supra owner looking for 450-500+kw at the wheels and when you looking for this sort of power your ECU is very important.

Link Fury G4X

Well when this came out i looked at it and thought is was great, I bought one and still have it, It was to go on my Supra.(Then they released the Link Thunder). The best thing about this ECU is it has built in Wideband that use the bosch chips to run the Bosch 4.9 LSU O2 sensor, so for a High powered 4 or 6 cylinder street/drag/track car you can’t go past it, but it lets itself down when going for a V8, I still rate the Link Fury very highly.

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