Link Wire in ECU’s Atom/Monsoon

Link are actively updating the range so if one is not listed here, i still support it.

I’m not going to list all the options and spec’s but try to advise what you might need for your car.

I’ll start with the Atom and the Monsoon (the Monsoon has a built in map sensor saving inputs and wiring).

These are entry level stand alone ECU’s but don’t under estimate them at all.

there fully optioned and can do most of what people need.

When your on a budget it sound great to go for something like a Megasquirt.

I’ve tuned them and they work but i could not recommend them.

The Atom or monsoon is still a world class ECU, Fully supported by link with there lifetime warranty. I’ve found all links to be reliable.

There best on a four cylinder but by using wasted spark and batched injection can run a 6 cylinder V8 very well.

They still have all the functions of the more expensive Link wire in ECU’s.

They do run out of inputs and out put quickly, But the Megasquirt V1 and V2 still don’t compare and when you add world wide support and just about every tuner will say yes when you want to book in a Link but try that with a Megasquirt.

So don’t Megasquirt get a link.

I’m happy to get most engine’s running on a Monsoon or a Atom but some nice feature’s like idle control (especially Toyota’s that need four wire from the ECU) or engine cooling fan operation, It can get a bit of a compromise.

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