Pre-Dyno tune checks

Dyno Check List:

When you bring your car to be tuned it can be a big investment of both your time and money. We want this to be a positive experience for you therefore have come up with a check list that can help you save time and money.

  • Does the engine have the correct level of oil & the oil is fresh with new oil filter?
  • Have all other fluid levels have been checked (ie coolant, gearbox, diff)?
  • Is the fuel in your vehicle what you intend to run and is there at least 40l in the tank
  • Does the vehicle have a suitable 02 sensor bung fitted for our wideband sensor to be installed into? If one is not fitted this can be organized prior to vehicle being fitted to the dyno.
  • Have you checked that there are no fuel, oil or water leaks on the vehicle
  • Cooling systems needs to cool the engine quickly after a power run, not just our big fan.(Thermostats need to be fitted for temperature control, too keep the engine warm enough)
  • Is the fuel system capable of supporting expected power levels ie fuel pump, injectors, fuel filter and fuel lines.(we log fuel pressure,but if it drops this slows the tuning process)
  • Have you checked your spark plugs? We highly recommend placing a new set of spark plug into your vehicle before the tune (Commonly gaped to 0.7mm for turbo cars)
  • Is the air filter clean or does it need replacing?
  • Tyre’s Tread and pressure
  • Have you checked intercooler piping & joiners – insure all hose clamps are tight?

The above checklist covers the most common issues which seem to pop up when a car is on the dyno. When your vehicle is dropped off one of our technicians will have a look over your vehicle before it is fitted to the dyno. However if the above checklist is taken into account before the vehicle is dropped off this will help with the final results and minimize your costs.