Today was a sad day and a happy day, sold the workshop Skyline, now it’s time to get the Supra up and running. 392kw at the wheels was the best i got out of it, Coils braking down a little (Stock Nissan) and the HKS injectors were at 90% duty cycle so needed new coils and injectors to increase from that point


Fuel injectors/Fuel pumps

This is just some quick advise, not in-depth.

First thing to check if your replacing injectors: Resistance
If there low or high. If there’s low resistance and you install high resistance, basically the car will not start. Usually you can remove a resistor block and your up and running.
If there High resistance and you install low resistance you will damage your ECU and more.

Most stock ECU’s that can be re-tuned can handle up to 1000cc injectors (Not all).
Most modern aftermarket ECU’s will handle very large injectors like 2200cc.
The issue is not under power but at idle with big injectors.
There are a old Bosch injector (1600cc) that had such poor response time that even with a good ECU at idle was around 10-1 AFR(0.7 Lambda) on a 3.0L six cylinder at 1500rpm, They were used allot on Rotaries.

Modern injectors come with injector data, This data in a modern ECU improves tuning time and end result. AFR/Lambda are able to be setup and controlled with flex fuel (E85) and trim table’s like fuel pressure drop.

I have a favorite injector price vs control vs injector data, it’s the Bosch motorsport 1000cc. From NZEFI.

Bosch 1000cc/min E85 Compatible Top Feed Fuel Injector

There is one other injector I also rate very highly and it’s the Bosch motorsport 1650cc It’s a lot more expensive but if you need it, you need it.

Bosch 1650cc/min E85 Compatible Top Feed Fuel Injector

Fuel injector sizing. I don’t like to run an injector over 85% duty cycle.
So working out what size you need is quite easy at injector dynamics and you also can order the injectors direct from them as well. Lambda usually is between 0.80-0.85 under full throttle and 1.0 at idle, Ethanol “0” petrol or 85 for E85.

Fuel Flow Calculator

Fuel pumps are a big problem when it come’s to tuning, there are so many non genuine pumps being sold, It’s costing customers a fortune in dyno time.
What i recommend is an in-tank pump or external bosch 044’s for most street/strip and track day cars (Race/drift cars need completely different fuel systems)


Walbro 455LPH Ethanol Compatible In-Tank EFI Fuel Pump


Bosch 044 Motorsport External EFI Fuel Pump

Fuel pressure regulator is always recommended when upgrading the injectors and fuel pump

Our work shop Supra Progress

As you can see below even work shop projects take allot of time when cash flow is slow

Update 2/02/16 Forged short block arrived
Update 28/03/16 Second hand head arrived
Update 10/04/16 Turbo and manifold arrived
Update 18/04/16 Waste-gate arrived
Update 10/05/16 Intercooler arrived
Update 10/06/16 Made custom 3 1/2″ exhaust system (We have a exhaust pipe expander that goes up to 3 1/2″)
Update 20/07/16 Intake manifold arived
Update 21/01/17 Link G4+ Thunder turned up (This ECU is fully featured, Can’t wait to have traction control)
Update 19/03/17 Fuel pressure regulator arrived
Update 12/04/17 Gate’s racing cam belt kit arrived
Update 8/09/17 CDI ignition system turned up for the Supra
Update 2/10/17 Fuel pumps arrived for Supra
Update 25/11/17 Today i paid for the New diff for the Supra, It’s a B03B with a TRD center, Yes that’s the Supra big diff, Will add a photo when it turns up
Update 22/01/18 1600cc bosch motorsport injectors arrived
Update Billet Cam-belt tensioner arrived
Update 14/03/18 Clutch arrived
Update:18/04/18 Supra sent off for panel and paint.
Update:25/05/18 The axle arrived today. So I can fit it when the car is back from panel and paint.