Dyno tuning and performance upgrades

Diesel tuning we use “Ultimate diesel tuning” They have the experience that us in New Zealand just can’t match, so they have already found how far to increase power safely.

Euro car tuning is coming very soon, Stage 1/2/3 Pops and bangs and more

Link ECU’s with there large range of plugin ECU’s and excellent wire in ECU’s there is an option for most engine’s, with Link Engine Management being a global leader in motorsport electronics and performance technology

Nistune is a real-time tuning suite designed especially for Nissans which provides the ability to:

• Retune factory Nissan Engine Control Units (ECU)
• Covering many Nissans from 1987-2000

BMW N54 135I/335I MHD cover a lot of what is needed, so if you wish to use my MHD OBD WiFi or need a custom tune I can help

Performance car builds

Many of you have made a good start yourselves and have got to a stuck point and no one wants to help you, well I can, The local garage or auto electrician don’t have the abilities when it comes to modified cars and aftermarket ECU’s, But I do.

Perhaps you need advice on your next build, well getting advise in the beginning can be worth more than you would think. I can help


Most tuners will just say no, well I can tune them

I do have some rules around them, I need a Wideband 0-5 volt pre-setup, I don’t add or remove anything.

Due to poor assembly and wiring, I’ve found many that issue’s show themselves either while tuning or at a later stage.These are a limited ECU, lack of knock control is a big drawback

Haltech are gaining popularity in NZ